July 13, 2020
Violin Orchestra - Streets of London

Pandemic? wot pandemic? this might have been Saturday 11th July 2020, not the 13th. Either way, retrictions lifted at the last moment but we were going to be ready whatever it took ... the show must go on!

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December 2, 2019
Session at Air Edel with Christopher White

A day in the life of an awesome composer. I love working with creative genius people like Chris who really get how to blend together creativity, aesthetic sense and professional craft for amazing results

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February 8, 2011
Who Is My Neighbour?

Here are many quartertones, accompanying a fairly timeless story, presented, with my implicit consent, in a very Christian tradition.

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February 23, 2005
The Violin Player

The original recording of 'The Violin Player' by THJ. The most bittersweet piece I know. Recorded at the Riverfront Theatre in Newport (Wales) before a Live Music Now concert, sometime in ?2005.

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