Here are some things I do for people...


Session Recording - I scrape on a wooden box and record noises that you use to change other people’s emotions.

Live - I scrape boxes and make noises in big rooms in front of lots of people.

Broadcast & Media - I scrape boxes and make noises on Radio/TV.

Film/TV - I scrape boxes in extremely strange situations in front of a film crew.


Teaching - I teach people how to make noises by scraping on boxes.

Coaching - I help other box-scrapers to self-reflectively develop their own noises.

Film/TV - I guide actors on how to realistically fake good box-scraping on the big screen.


Broadcast & Media - I'm an increasingly experienced presenter, and have appeared across many broadcast programs as a featured guest - with or without a violin.

Speaking - I've appeared as a keynote speaker, been featured on conference panels, and contributed a variety of words in real time at public events.

Research - I use annoyingly long words to scope out precise meanings of complex academic issues, generate semi-useful insights, then run out of patience and fail to publish anything.


I'm good at making sense of super-chaotic complexities and bringing them all together at exactly the right moment in exactly the right place.

Music - Rhythm, pitch, sound, textures, characters, emotional impact ... recorded, or live. My original training was in Classical and Strings, but my experience is much broader. I have a network of brilliant engineers/editors/box-scrapers/session musicians to call on as needed.

Other Projects - People, systems, processes, and big ideas instead of music and instruments. Good, solid administration and project management is highly underrated.


As a violinist, I've had the pleasure and privilege to contribute to the work of many established artists and groups, including Ed Sheeran, Deltron3030 (Gorillaz/Jamie Cullum), Massive Attack (Live With Me), Andrea Corr (Ideal World), Mitch Winehouse, The Kooks (Sway), Elton John (Royal Academy Tour), and many classical groups and orchestras, including years-long collaborations with Ramallah Orchestra (Al Kamandjati and Ramzi Aburedwan), Guildford Symphony Orchestra (Darrell Davison), and my longtime friend and creative partner David Worswick (ex-London Symphony Orchestra), who I met when we were both undergraduates at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

David and I (and pianist Daniel Swain) also toured for many years for Live Music Now (the organisation founded by Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker). They do amazing work and if you don't know about it, you should check it out.

For years (pre-Brexit, pre-Covid), I did lots of freelance classical orchestra and chamber orchestra things, mainly in London and Southeast England (especially at places like St Martins in the Fields and Smith Square in London). I've now completely lost count of how many times I've performed Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Bruch's Violin Concerto and the Bach Double, but ... hey, if you need a short notice stand in, it's worth giving me a call ...

I was associated for quite a long time with SFO outfit Classical Revolution in London and Berlin, and we ran many memorable club nights in London's Soho. At one point we wound up backing the Jazz Mafia's Brass, Bows and Beats on a tour that included the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island. Epic musicians.

On stage/screen I've worked directly with several major opera stars, and on set for Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, and others. The art of 'standby' - listening and watching great artists at work - has taught me more than any degree I ever did!


Good souls in many reputed organisations have repeatedly persuaded their accounts departments to release hard currency in exchange for my expertise, including ...
Aldeburgh Music | BBC | Daily Telegraph | Deutsche Bank | Disney | EMI | Future Laboratory | Guildford Philharmonic | HSBC | ITV | Live Music Now | Media Tenor | Music Workshop Company | Oxford Philharmonic | Royal Academy of Music | Royal Irish Academy of Music | Spitalfields Music | Universal Music | Virgin | Waitrose
Which have involved, amongst other things ...
Improvising on Gregorian chants in a Yorkshire graveyard. Broadcasting on BBC Radio 3. Filming a music video at the Roundhouse. Opening the Spitalfields Festival. Training teachers in Ireland. Teaching a BBC DJ violin live on breakfast radio. Performing 'White Christmas' on a Stradivarius violin. Performing Tango at Kensington Palace. Appearing with Malcolm Gladwell at the Barbican Centre in London. Sharing a stage with a tibetan bowl. Playing at most of the UK's cathedrals. Collaborating with the Medici Quartet. Extemporising on the music of Philip Glass for a trend forecasting agency. Touring Palestine. Playing Covent Garden Market. Coaching the Aldeburgh Young Musicians. Performing for Cheltenham Music Society. Working with Sir John Tavener. Appearing at the Swaledale Festival. Performing Schubert's Death and the Maiden in an outdoor amphitheatre. Teaching disadvantaged kids to play the violin. Keynoting a media conference in Switzerland. Playing Jimi Hendrix at a Waitrose store in Canary Wharf. Performing at Tel Aviv Airport. Busking under Blackfriars Bridge. Residing at Henley Festival as 'Musicians-in-Residence'. Jamming at a military checkpoint.
And indirectly, via random production companies, I have contributed to the output of ...
BBC | ITV | Channel 4 | Hulu | HBO | Netflix | StarzPlay | NPR | Al Jazeera | Naxos, most major UK and several European/American broadcast networks, and quite a lot of random media projects for productions for channels and concert halls and arts festivals and film companies and other things............
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Violinist . Musician . Producer . Teacher . Writer . Entrepreneur

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